What is Gender?


“Sx-Fi” is a project that aims to challenge the mainstream ideology regarding gender. Gender is often considered to be binary in many cultures. However, we believed that the binary category is actually ignoring the enormous complexity of human beings. Therefore, as a group of LGBTQ and supporting allies, we would like to build an art project, challenging the socially constructed gender categories and stigmas through collective speculative workshop and performance on diverse sexuality-identity.

Target Audience

Open minded people coming from all gender & sexuality background, especially people who are interested in expressing themselves and listening to others regarding the gender topics.


Audience journey

Audience enters the room where there is a performer as an undefined humanly creature moving in the space. During the performance the audience can experience Augmented Reality (AR) through the performer’s costume. The performance is linked to the whole soundscape in the room. Between participation and commitment to the performance it creates a collective experience for the audience. After the performance the audience can have access to a workshop that the team has created: speculative storytelling on sexuality in the future. The sound and visual content in the installative performance come from the past workshop stories.

Interactive augmented reality

The contents of AR: voices of interviewees talking about speculative sexuality aspect of the future through a workshop, as well as drawings audience drew in the workshop. We created a speculative storytelling card game which let interviewees to be imaginative and liberated from the contemporary normality by speculating a futuristic context. Audiences are going to listen to the recorded stories of people from the past workshop and watch the drawings through AR on performative installation.