the power of changing the plastic is always in our hands


8.3Bt total plastic production since 1950.
4900Mt in the natural environment (60% discarded).
8Mt of plastic waste reaches the ocean each year.
15-51Tt micro-plastics particles in the ocean.


We produce a lot of plastic and in some cases it is not possible to replace it. The separation of recyclable from non-recyclable plastic is difficult and requires time, effort and money. Plastic pollution result in physical, chemical and biological harm of the whole ecosystem. What is needed is not a world without plastic. What is needed now is a world with well established educational and revolutionary raising awareness activities to enhance the fight of waste management.

We need to understand the two sides of it. Is it a monster that destroys the world, or is it a smart creature that helps humanity?


P L A S T I C I T Y is a holistic approach that combines direct environmental awareness approaches through an interactive installation along with educational activities, towards to the development of an environmental community.

The proposed novel approach creates interactions among people; smart bins for recycling plastic; and plastic creatures, which should correspond to the people actions of recycling. Our goal is to create an empathetic experience and enhance the environmental consciousness of consumers, develop habits, communities and initiatives with a common environmental vision.