HIVE #1 – Projects

Hivers work on 7 projects they decide to launch after a collective ideation process.

In self-organized teams, they define objectives and resources they need to succeed. They’re given only 2 constraints  : The projects must have a positive impact and must be collaborative. They will have 6 months to achieve their objectives. We provide all kinds of resources: mentors, experts, tools, methodologies, dedicated budget, etc. Discover the first Grand projects of the HIVE #1.


Bees for good

Autonomous micro-drones can enhance the quality and precision of air quality monitoring systems allowing for more flexible and responsive data collection. Multiple small drones, based at autonomous base stations in zones where such data collection is required can fly either together or individually, collecting data along pre-defined flight plans.


Capture the moment

Capsule is an interactive installation that aims to challenge people’s biases by connecting them with strangers in the same city. Capsule serves as an intermediary to help guide people in sharing experiences and memories.


Take a Breath

We propose an art installation called take a breath, Imagine yourself at a train station, you go to work or to your university. While on the rush to your destination you suddenly notice a movement in the corner of your eye. something unexpected. so you start seeing a trace of a motion on an ordinary wall. it follows you for a while until you stop to look at it. At that point it starts taking more and more shape, but any movement you make will distort it again, and only if you stay motionless the wall will become more and more like a mirror of yourself.


Fuel your community

We believe in the power of communities. To empower them by co-creating an experience. To us, this is the best way to lead change. For that, we wanted to offer a new outlook on energy, it’s consumption, and – of course – of its creation. We also wished to focus on places where communities are gathered, energetic, and full of joy. Our project – MERGY – is the result of this reflection.


Oyster’s Marble

We want to make a local and organic material by a frugal and circular process in order to render it reachable for fablab and designer.


Chaque récit est un voyage

All around the world and in all cultures, tales and stories represent an incomparable human treasure. It’s one of the fundamental educational tools and the most widespread one, especially in Africa. Tales and stories have always enticed the imagination of children from all over the world. Tale is an application that allow you to discover and share tales and stories from all around the world.


Empowering artists with wearable tech

We work at the interstice between maker movement, fashion design and performing arts; thus, creating a synergy of three approaches and opening new doors to explore the future of body and technology.

Press Kit

HIVE #1 – Press Kit

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