Last week, the HIVE has been collaborating with the Korean ZER01NE residency programme. 

A one-of-a-kind collaborative, during which the 30 residents of both programmes had three and a half days to invent and prototype new ways to interact with the campus regarding the following themes: encouraging people to contribute to their environment and leave a trace, facilitating interactions between strangers, or just be fun and surprising ! 

Through this Creative Experience programme, each of every twenty hivers joined forces with all ten residents from the ZER01NE programme. Our young creatives, in partnership with the Korean team, have been re-imagining interactions and creating new experiences in order to hack the life experience on campus.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary aspect of the gathering, they can today present very different projects concerning: working outdoors, sound bites, creating together … These projects have been unveiled Thursday 18th to a public audience on campus.

  • Collective Sleeping Orchestra : Interactive space for relaxing, alone or together, experience sound and the outdoor environment. 
  • Gobi : A mobile/web application that provides a platform for a group of community to share their knowledge and documentation in a smart way 
  • Graffiti Shower: Mobile canvas for graffiti artworks, and a virtual platform for storing the collective story
  • MOM-nt : Interactive performing light installation 
  • Outside In : Intimate outdoor space that comes alive at night 
  • Solar Pocha : An outdoor autonomous leasure workstation, allowing campers to work outside while powered by solar energy 

 Thanks to for joining us for this experimental programme!