After several months of collaborative residency to explore and hack the future, our 20 young creatives present the results of their work.

6 challenges. 6 concrete solutions to universal challenges: raise awareness about plastic pollution and challenges posed by the fashion industry (and find alternatives), reconnect citizens to their cities and integrate connections to nature, and question what gender means.

In parallel with their projects, the residents also worked with partners of thecamp to develop concrete solutions to challenges they’re facing. You’ll be able to check out these projets, too!


Thursday, September 19 & Friday, September 20 (same program both days)

[1:30pm] Participant welcome
[2pm] Introducing Hive, thecamp’s collaborative residency
[2:15pm] Pitch session for the 6 projects (in English with simultaneous translation in French)
[3:15pm-9pm] Discovery trail to test prototypes (Self-paced; suggested time to test all 6 prototypes is 2 hours.) Visit when and for however long you wish: our doors will be open until 9pm!

Friday, September 20 only

[9pm – midnight] Creative Connections Night, Hive edition : Live music and DJ set (Programming TBA)

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​​20 creative talents. 6 months. A collaborative residency to explore new solutions for a desirable future.

March 2020 – September 2020: Apply Now !

​​What is the HIVE?​​

Located at and supported by thecamp, the non-profit HIVE collaborative residency is a six-month creative programme for 20 talented individuals from around the world—more than 14 nationalities are represented in the present cohort from disciplines as diverse as AI researchers, choreographers, and filmmakers, from 22 to 38 years old. The goal of the programme is to re-imagine the future and develop projects which respond to the global challenges our planet/society face today or will face in the near future.
These projects may take the form of artistic productions, installations and experiences, or be driven to develop something more start-up oriented, or find life as a non-profit initiative. To-date the HIVE has welcomed 60 residents from around the globe with 12 innovative projects developed as a result. The HIVE is a fully funded programme with all participants’ expenses covered(travel, visas, room and board) and a monthly stipend given.

FACEBOOK: @HIVEthecamp // IG: HIVEthecamp // TWITTER: HIVE_thecamp​​ ​​

What is thecamp?
thecamp is a new innovation hub and residential campus dedicated to emerging technology and social innovation located near Aix-en-Provence in France. It is supported by a network of private and public sector partners, including many of the Europe’s largest companies. Its mission is to support individual and organisational change to improve the way we work, the technology that we use and the environments we live in.

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Last week, the HIVE has been collaborating with the Korean ZER01NE residency programme. 

A one-of-a-kind collaborative, during which the 30 residents of both programmes had three and a half days to invent and prototype new ways to interact with the campus regarding the following themes: encouraging people to contribute to their environment and leave a trace, facilitating interactions between strangers, or just be fun and surprising ! 

Through this Creative Experience programme, each of every twenty hivers joined forces with all ten residents from the ZER01NE programme. Our young creatives, in partnership with the Korean team, have been re-imagining interactions and creating new experiences in order to hack the life experience on campus.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary aspect of the gathering, they can today present very different projects concerning: working outdoors, sound bites, creating together … These projects have been unveiled Thursday 18th to a public audience on campus.

  • Collective Sleeping Orchestra : Interactive space for relaxing, alone or together, experience sound and the outdoor environment. 
  • Gobi : A mobile/web application that provides a platform for a group of community to share their knowledge and documentation in a smart way 
  • Graffiti Shower: Mobile canvas for graffiti artworks, and a virtual platform for storing the collective story
  • MOM-nt : Interactive performing light installation 
  • Outside In : Intimate outdoor space that comes alive at night 
  • Solar Pocha : An outdoor autonomous leasure workstation, allowing campers to work outside while powered by solar energy 

 Thanks to for joining us for this experimental programme!

Alola - Team with Matali Crasset
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