Blooming – HIVE#1 unveiling its first projects @thecamp !

On March 22nd, thecamp was metamorphosed for Blooming, an event produced by HIVE to present the 7 projects imagined by the first generation of hivers !

For the first time, a large audience was invited to come at thecamp and to discover some of the inspiring projects born in our base camp. Challenging the future of our living cities, but also of education, air quality, sustainable energy and performing arts, the seven projects created during HIVE #01 were presented all day to embody answers to the big challenges of thecamp.

After a pitch session where the audience discovered each project on stage, the curious were invited to enter spaces dedicated to each project, and to experiment and discover by themselves the ideas of the HIVE’s creative talents.

All over the campus, each team of hivers was presenting its functional prototype, displaying seven universes to discover all along the visitors’ path.

Blooming Movie – Hive #1

Pitch Session – Hive #1 Blooming