Welcome to the HIVE logbook, the collaborative residency at thecamp.

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Hive#03 : Ecosystem projects

2019-09-20/by Tiphaine PITOISET

Hive#03 : the end & epilogue

2019-09-18/by Tiphaine PITOISET

Hive#03 Prototype Showcase: Save the date !

After several months of collaborative residency to explore and…
2019-08-20/by Tiphaine PITOISET

Open Call for HIVE#04 !

​​20 creative talents. 6 months. A collaborative residency…
2019-07-31/by Tiphaine PITOISET

Working with another collaborative residency from the other side of the planet: Creative Experience Week #03 x Zer01ne

Last week, the HIVE has been collaborating with the Korean ZER01NE…
2019-07-23/by Tiphaine PITOISET

How can a poet, an engineer, an artist and a designer work together?

2018-09-10/by ooopener
Alola - Team with Matali Crasset

Alola – France 24 – An HIVE #2 intercultural exchange project between refugee children and “native” children

2018-08-01/by Tiphaine PITOISET
The Experimentation Week - cascade

The Experimentation Week

2018-07-30/by Sandile Pazvakavambwa
Project Alola - Beginning and Research

Alola – Project, Beginning and Research

2018-07-24/by Julia Jacques
JOIN HIVE#3 ! the call is open !

JOIN HIVE #3 ! the call is open !

2018-06-07/by ooopener
Hive #2 - France 24 documentary

Discover the HIVE #2 – France24 TV documentary

2018-06-04/by ooopener
HIVE #2 - Alexia - Facilitating an ideation workshop

Facilitating an ideation workshop

2018-05-23/by ooopener

Living at thecamp : mens sana in corpore sano

2018-05-11/by ooopener
HIVE #2 - Meeting with Nusrat Darrni

Understanding thecamp

2018-05-04/by ooopener
How we could have saved the passengers of the Titanic

How we could have saved the passengers of the Titanic : going beyond the functional fixedness

2018-05-02/by ooopener
HIVE #2 - Silent Waltz - Icebreaking

Icebreakers – Breaking the ice with silence

2018-05-01/by Alexia Audemar
HIVE 2 by thecamp

HIVE #2 – Onboarding of the new creative residency at thecamp

2018-04-30/by ooopener
HIVE #2 - Onboarding

First steps in the camp – D-Day – Hive #2

2018-04-28/by Alexia Audemar
Hive #1 - MAIF Social Club - Blooming Paris 2018

Blooming Paris – MAIF Social Club – 27th march 2018

2018-04-01/by ooopener
Hive #1 - Blooming - thecamp - 22 March 2018

Blooming – thecamp – 22nd march 2018

2018-03-23/by ooopener

Blooming – Hive 1 – Head for the Hive, the prototypes are here!

2018-02-26/by ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – Daniel de Ouf !

2018-01-24/by ooopener
Hive #1 - Olivier’s feast

Les Dessins d’Alice – Olivier’s feast

2018-01-19/by ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – faire semblant de travailler à la Hive.

2018-01-17/by ooopener

HIVE #1 – by Laureline

2017-12-15/by ooopener

Juggling with the Hivers – The Daniel Challenge

2017-12-12/by ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – David Bond

2017-10-09/by ooopener