Diverse creativity for positive impact

The Hive is a 6-month residency for creative young people  with complementary profiles designed to find new  answers for the major challenges facing the world. Bold, creative complementary talents  Coming from the four corners of the Earth, they collaborate to imagine  and prototype a more humane  future, opening up new paths and contributing to a better world.

The Hive is not just a collaborative residency. It’s a unique opportunity to learn by doing.
HIVE program is part of thecamp, a basecamp for exploring the future.

Discover the HIVE#01 experience

Discover the HIVE#02 experience

Who are the Hivers?

A diverse array of complementary skills to enable creative collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Hivers have skills and experiences in fields such as arts, design, makery, engineering, coding and innovation management. A Hiver is an explorer : he / she’s curious, willing to share and learn with people coming from different backgrounds and he / she wants to make new “discoveries” to foster a more sustainable world. Having a degree is not at all a criterion for selection – self-taught candidates are welcome !


Dedicated to finding solutions to the major challenges, facing humanity through concrete projects.

“Energy, mobility, education,  environmental resources,  quality of life… I came here  to re-invent all that. » — Hiver


How can a poet, an engineer, an artist and a designer work together?

2018-09-10/par ooopener
Alola - Team with Matali Crasset

Alola – France 24 – An HIVE #2 intercultural exchange project between refugee children and « native » children

2018-08-01/par Tiphaine PITOISET
The Experimentation Week - cascade

The Experimentation Week

2018-07-30/par Sandile Pazvakavambwa
Project Alola - Beginning and Research

Alola – Project, Beginning and Research

2018-07-24/par Julia Jacques
JOIN HIVE#3 ! the call is open !

JOIN HIVE #3 ! the call is open !

2018-06-07/par ooopener
Hive #2 - France 24 documentary

Discover the HIVE #2 – France24 TV documentary

2018-06-04/par ooopener
HIVE #2 - Alexia - Facilitating an ideation workshop

Facilitating an ideation workshop

2018-05-23/par ooopener

Living at thecamp : mens sana in corpore sano

2018-05-11/par ooopener
HIVE #2 - Meeting with Nusrat Darrni

Understanding thecamp

2018-05-04/par ooopener
How we could have saved the passengers of the Titanic

How we could have saved the passengers of the Titanic : going beyond the functional fixedness

2018-05-02/par ooopener
HIVE #2 - Silent Waltz - Icebreaking

Icebreakers – Breaking the ice with silence

2018-05-01/par Alexia Audemar
HIVE 2 by thecamp

HIVE #2 – Onboarding of the new creative residency at thecamp

2018-04-30/par ooopener
HIVE #2 - Onboarding

First steps in the camp – D-Day – Hive #2

2018-04-28/par Alexia Audemar
Hive #1 - MAIF Social Club - Blooming Paris 2018

Blooming Paris – MAIF Social Club – 27th march 2018

2018-04-01/par ooopener
Hive #1 - Blooming - thecamp - 22 March 2018

Blooming – thecamp – 22nd march 2018

2018-03-23/par ooopener

Blooming – Hive 1 – Head for the Hive, the prototypes are here!

2018-02-26/par ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – Daniel de Ouf !

2018-01-24/par ooopener
Hive #1 - Olivier’s feast

Les Dessins d’Alice – Olivier’s feast

2018-01-19/par ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – faire semblant de travailler à la Hive.

2018-01-17/par ooopener

HIVE #1 – by Laureline

2017-12-15/par ooopener

Juggling with the Hivers – The Daniel Challenge

2017-12-12/par ooopener

Les Dessins d’Alice – David Bond

2017-10-09/par ooopener

A bold vision for the future materializes in the south of France!

The thecamp challenge is to f­ind new approaches to universal issues, and to aggregate people and projects driven by the same will and excitement for the future!