HIVE #2 – Projects

The new Hivers work on 5 projects they decide to launch after a collective ideation process.

In self-organized teams, they define objectives and resources they need to succeed. They’re given only 2 constraints  : projects must have a positive impact and must be collaborative. We provide all kinds of resources: mentors, experts, tools, methodologies, dedicated budget, etc.

63 Plus - Logo Black


in an ongoing conversation about life with those who have lived more of it

We live in a culture that places a high value on youth and the new. Age is something to be hidden, experience is another word for staleness, and to be old is to be irrelevant. 63+ will be a space for different types of stories around the elderly; a space for the old, the young, and everyone else to connect and share.


Children can save the world

A non-profit organisation which brings together refugees and local children for a peer-to-peer cultural  exchange through the provision of tangible toolkits to  organise workshops around cultural thematics.

Audio Crumbs Logo

Audio Crumbs

Together we track

Audio Crumbs creates meaningful interactions between people through audio experiences. Groups of people would listen to these recordings together, following the instructions would grant them the possibility to go on various adventures and even create the seed of new behavioral change. Change that gets to fully manifest itself once the recordings are over.

Cached - Logo - Black


We exist elsewhere

We are interested in interrogating trust in the digital age. We feel that the pervasiveness of technology in our daily life means that people use technology—apps, devices, connected objects, etc.—without understanding how the technology works.

Plastic Arcade - Logo

Plastic Arcade

A playfull arcade cabinet raising awareness about plastic pollution

Plastic Arcade wants to raise awareness about plastic pollution by turning the systems that create the problem into easily understandable, high-impact video games. Using the arcade cabinet seemed like a natural way to touch the nostalgic fiber in each of us, parents and children alike. By creating several arcade games, each exploring a specific aspect of the plastic pollution problem, we aim to shake people into reflecting and connecting on a personal level to one of the largest issues concerning our civilization today.